Take control of all your WiFi Devices with iKydz

Controlling lots of devices inside your home con become pretty challenging.
This is why iKydz con recognise every device you own and lets you manage them individuolly whether they are tablets. smart phones, smart TVs or goming boxes

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Restricting Access to Sites

iKydz provides a series of global block lists for social media sites, e.g. Snopchot, Focebook, Whotsopp & Twitter. These lists ore automatically updated and provide 24(7 control. Set it up once and iKydz looks ofter the rest.

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iKydz Collection
iKydz Collections

Meal Time!

Kids too busy for dinner? Everyone still on their devices while eating dinner7 Re-establish Meal-Time conversation and interaction and toke a break from your devices. iKydz allows you to immediately suspend all Internet access with one button - Meal-Time

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